Monday, September 10, 2007

It's school time!

After 2 years of continuous demanding, bugging and attention seeking, my little one had to finally step outside the comfort of his home and face the world. Yes, he was now ready to join play school.

More than worrying about how he would cope up with his new friends and teachers I was worried about how I would handle his absence from home. But for starters, he was to attend school for an hour with me accompanying him.

Well, the day had come and after a busy morning we were ready to go. I took a few photographs of him in his uniform (oh, how cute he looked!!) We reached school and I was amazed how he interacted with the other kids and began playing with the toys he was given. We were then taken to his classroom and there was a little project waiting for him already! He was given a sketch of a dog and was asked to stick a few black paper dots inside it. Of course, the teachers assisted him, but he did pretty well too! We were told to take the project home and file it. An hour was too short for him, but we had to go back home. That was how his first day went and he enjoyed it tremendously.

He has been going to school for a week now. For me it is all a mixed feeling. Some excitement, some tears of joy, some nervousness….I realized suddenly that day that my baby is a big boy now. And at the end of the day, he makes me a proud mom.

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Lux said...

And I dont know why I somehow share these feelings with you. I am a proud chitta!!!

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