Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mummy returns!!

Wow!! I can't believe its been one year since I posted something on this blog! Well, what can I say? Been busy with home, son and becoming a mom once again. Yes, I am now a proud owner of a second baby boy! He looks just like his elder brother but I hope is not as troublesome.

Since it is Diwali time again( people must be wondering if I publish posts only during Diwali!), I wish you all have a happy and enjoyable time with family and friends. I sincerely hope that I continue to post on this blog more often than before!

No, not wishful thinking! :))

Cheers....Happy Diwali people!


Lux said...

Yes, you should write and post more often! You happy lil 'owner' of a new born!!!

Chitra Iyer said...

Heheh :-))

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