Sunday, February 16, 2014

Go Further to Get Closer

It is the ultimate happiness in life when you and the one you love have all the time in the world just to be yourselves. Amidst our daily chores and routine, if we carefully analyse, we are so occupied with tasks that need to be finished that we are rarely left with any time to think about ourselves let alone our loved ones. Whether as an office goer or a home maker, our duties take our top most priority. We never look back at those whom we leave behind while chasing the many dreams and ambitions. Of course, we work and earn so that our family lives a better life. But giving them undivided love and attention in frequent bouts is just as crucial.

Some of us may argue that we do want to spend time with the family but "Time kahan hai?" (Where is the time?). Time is right here, as it has always been. If we want to accomplish something, then we simply have to make the time. Out of our busy schedules, meetings, household chores, grocery shopping... whatever. Steal little moments for a hug or a kiss. Or get away from all the nagging errands that do not allow you to have love filled moments to yourselves. Go someplace far away, take a breather.  Hold hands, look into each other's eyes and relish the moment. Like this video here that shows how you can transform your desires into reality. Take a look.

                                                        Go Further to Get Closer

It is that simple. Want to do something together? Want to run far away from it all? Just do it.
Sometimes you have to go further to get closer.

******   Post written for the Go Further to Get Closer contest on Indiblogger  *******

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