Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yes, I am a woman and I hate cooking!

Surprised? Why is it so difficult to accept that a woman cannot be good at cooking or housekeeping? It is not as if we were born with these skills. And even if she isn't good at the above said chores, why is it absolutely essential for her to learn and master them? Who made these rules anyway?

I am not particularly interested in cooking. Of course I get around and manage to whip up quite a few dishes, (some really good ones if I may say so myself), but I really don't like it. I don't like cooking, something that is supposed to be my "duty" or should be my "passion". Nope, I am different and so are thousands of other women out there who don't like doing the compulsorily 'assigned' chores for women ,because it is simply not their thing.

While we conveniently blame our men for this kind of discrimination or for taking us for granted, the bitter truth is that somewhere we women are ourselves to blame. As mothers, we keep pushing our daughters to learn the basics of housekeeping so that she 'fits in' right after marriage. When she is praised by her husband's family for knowing-it-all, our chests swell with pride for raising such a dutiful daughter. That's really good, if she really is into home science. But what about those who don't want to 'fit in'?

We women have been domesticated by our ancestors for so many generations that sometimes we don't even realize what is wrong or right. There is absolutely nothing wrong in doing household chores, but then that should be taught to both boys and girls. I'm not saying not to teach our girls anything. But teach them that these chores aren't their responsibility alone. Set an example as a couple for your children by sharing the daily work with your spouse. So that even your boys learn that these chores aren't meant only for the women folk.

And also I humbly request all you guys and girls out there that next time, before 'judging' someone, try to keep an open mind and treat women as humans instead of gadgets or machines. I sincerely hope that we are successful in teaching our sons and daughters the true meaning of the word "sharing".

Because sharing is caring!

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