Friday, July 24, 2015

Knitting Supplies in Pune

I have spent some time during my early days in Pune looking for good quality materials to satisfy my knitting itch back when I was a beginner. It seemed impossible at first but after some research I found a couple of shops that I have been regularly visiting  for some time now.

There is New Galaxy General Store in Clover Center, Camp which has everything from embroidery threads to needles to knitting supplies to laces. For knitters, you can get your basic colored yarn here but they don't have much choice in either colors or types of yarns. I go here only when I want some basic stuff for my work.

I would always prefer going to Samrat Store in Tulsibaug for a more extensive buy for yarns. They house a variety of different colors and types. Be it bulky yarn or fingering yarns, you can get it all here. They keep some knitting books too. It also has a lot of stuff for crafters.

Recently, wen I visited the US I noticed that they have many shops that cater to a variety of hobbies. For knitters, they have regular workshops at yarn shops where you could go take a few lessons and even trying out different yarns to get a feel of it. Not only that, the quality of yarns is great. Different textures, so many beautiful colors and even more accessories to make knitting easier, comfortable and a pleasure. I really wish we had something like that here in India. Not only for knitters but for other crafters as well.

Until then it is just buying local yarn and satisfying myself by creating projects; with the help of some YouTube videos, of course!

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