Thursday, January 14, 2016

Those Weak Moments

Happy 2016 everyone! Well, my new year started with relishing the company of my friends and having lots of fun with them. We are half a month down this year already and I have made some pacts with myself. Not resolutions, I just don't like to call them that. Resolutions are meant to be broken, you see. And this year, I don't want anything to be broken, neither my promises nor my will power. I am happy to announce that I have taken some steps towards better health and better writing! Yaaay! That deserves a pat on the back, no?

And although I am enjoying every bit of this new journey, today was especially tiring. A new workout regime, siting in front of the laptop since morning to get my son's admission form to load, trying out a new diet. I'm not going to bore you with the details but ultimately, one of these (or all of these) gave me a headache. AND I WAS SOUR. Yes. Have you ever seen Bruce turn into the massive, angry Hulk? Yeah, pretty much there.

So, apparently, the new diet didn't seem to adjust to it and the hulk in our story was both hungry and angry. It was hangry. It wandered around the kitchen for something to gobble down, to soothe its screaming stomach, but sadly didn't succeed. All it could find were some fruits. No, the sugar in those fruits wouldn't work. It needed a bigger sugar fix, that instant. So, it decided to get its hands on a humble bar of Twix. In no time the wrapper came off and there it sat, devouring every bit of it. The crumble from the biscuit, the caramel and the milk chocolate finally tamed the big, green beast down. With Twix doing the tango, the hangry hulk was gone. The world was once again a safe place!

Yeah, so that's what pretty much happened today. I shouldn't have given in, I know, but desperate times. So much for not breaking promises, huh? Well, I have been a good girl for the most part so I think I can be get away with this? Oops, I hope my trainer is not reading this!

So guys, lesson learned. Make changes for the better this year but do it with consistency and precision. If you're going to do it, give it your 100%. What was that? Okay, 99%, you happy now? :-)

Have a healthy and content new year y'all!

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