Thursday, December 29, 2016

Paperboat has gone nuts!! (Product review inside!)

I love Paperboat products. They are new, different and the best part is one can always relate to childhood memories. That connection is what makes the beverages taste better, I believe. Well, Paperboat has now branched into snacks and its first offering is .... wait for it..... Paperboat chikki! 


Speaking of childhood memories, I remember mine in Delhi where winters were the chilliest and the season's goodies, the yummiest. Be it chikki, gajak or revadi, the mere mention of these were enough to make our mouths water! 

Paperboat chikkis are a delicious mixture of peanuts and jaggery (although some sugar is added) which is not hard and is easily cracked to share it with loved ones. Healthy and yummy, with a pocket friendly price, it is the perfect winter snack!

Sadly, I don't have more pictures of the chikki Paperboat sent me, it just vanished into everyone's mouths! Guess, that speaks for itself. Thank you Paperboat for bringing out the child in us.

Looking forward to many more reminisces and deliciousness from Paperboat!

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