Wednesday, August 30, 2017

One crazy post by one crazy gal!

While returning from my workout today, I just stopped dead in my tracks as I spotted these rich red, plump looking tomatoes with their stalks still attached. These are the local variety and I especially love the tanginess they add which takes the tastiness factor of any dish many notches higher than usual. I was so bewitched, I know bewitched is a strong word for something as simple as tomatoes, but hey, I'm a tomato lover so empathize, alright? Anyway, I began picking them and dropping them in a basket when, thankfully, I zapped back to reality and realized that I didn't have my wallet on me. Duh!

Sheepishly, I stood upright and tried not to show any emotions. And then switching to the Schwarzenegger in me I told the lady vendor that, I'll be back. Either she hadn't watched The Terminator or was so desperate for a sale because as soon as I said that, she started bargaining and offered the tomatoes for a lesser price! Embarrassing as it all was, I convinced her that I didn't have any money and would pick up my wallet and be back.

And back I was. Bought two kilos of the most desirable and juiciest looking things, although I already had a kilo of regular tomatoes at home. Hey, you can't have too many tomatoes, that's unheard of bro! Here, take a look at my prize!

And now, I'm off to googling tomato recipes.

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