Thursday, January 4, 2018

It's New Year! (again...)


Happy New Year guys! 

Wow, can you believe that a whole year just flew by and some of us are still at the same place?!? 😝Not to be a pessimist but that is what happens almost every year with me.😑 I am sure am not alone now, am I?

Well, the past year wasn't entirely hopeless. There were a few good things worth mentioning. I have been getting a lot of book reviewing offers for my blog Book Vue and have been doing some networking. I have moved my book review blog to WordPress (its not treason, its called expansion!), have been active on social media and been leaning the tactics of the industry. Not too well, may I add but still, getting somewhere I hope.

On the home front, my children seem to have suddenly grown up, each with their own crazy views (including my 5 year old). I have been honing my cooking skills, as some of you may know through my previous post. Health wise there have been some issues that I plan to resolve very soon through sheer dedication and will power. Can any of you tell me where I can find these two brats? They're kinda playing hard to get!

Nevertheless, as every year, I begin this year too with hopes and 'plans'. Be it my blogs, my health or my family, I will try my best to come out of my comfort zone and do something different. I don't sound like my true self to me right now, but I just want to hope and put it out there. Out there in the void.... like Meg Ryan You've Got Mail. And she found her solution, didn't she?

So here's to being grateful for everything I have and wishing for the dormant courage in me to burst open and the unshakable will that I always had but is now hibernating somewhere. Ah well, it is winter, isn't it? I probably will give it some time and it will help me find my Tom Hanks destiny. Ahem!

Wishing everyone a Happy, Prosperous and Content New Year 2018!

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