Sunday, February 25, 2007

Drink, Eat and ………….be Merry??

Why is it so difficult to lose weight? Or rather why is it so easy for me to put on weight?!? I sometimes see people so thin; I really wonder what they actually eat, what goes inside them?? Some edibles do go inside their bodies, right, I mean they too keep a plate of food in front of them, they savor the taste of food and they chew and finally they swallow…they do that right?? Then how come, they remain so thin and skinny and the fat ones like me, we drink water, we inhale oxygen, and “Poof!” we just put on an extra 2 kilos!! Great!!

You see, I know what I should be doing; what to eat, what not to, but still I never take my diet seriously at all. Even after a one hour lecture from my doctor the other day on weight control, diet habits, future health hazards etc., I ate whatever I could lay my hands on as soon as I reached back home! Why? Why can’t I follow a diet strictly, why can’t I continue exercising everyday? No motivation? Too boring? Maybe, but I still got to try, right? I too want to wear nice and trendy clothes and look good. I just want to be like anybody else; doing all the things I can and still not feel tired and gasping for breath everytime!

Excuses, excuses. Guess I was born with this gift of making excuses! When my alarm clock rings promptly at 6 in the morning and tries waking me up, I can’t seem to make a decision. And exactly at that point I feel blessed for having the “snooze” option in my mobile phone! Man, it is so cozy and nice under the blanket and when you are kinda dizzy with all the remaining sleep and beautiful dreams to be continued, who in their right minds would want to wake up? It is as if the bed, the warm blanket, the soft pillows keep calling you ,” Come back, into your slumber……. you were enjoying your sleep, weren’t you? Oh come on, you can get up later…. go back to your dreams…..!”

Who says you can eat, drink and still be merry?!?


Lux said...

Aaah, thts so much straight from the heart!

Roopa said...

oh my Chitra! you have no idea how lucky you I am, trying to eat everything the diet books forbid and yet, gaining an extra 2 kgs seems like moving a mountain to me. much worse, there's hardly a diet program to show direction to people who want to gain weight :( to each his/her own worry...hmmm

KrazyLeo said...

..hey... totally... get ur dilema... i struggle with my weight 2!!!! am trying to make portion control work for me... but...i feel like a giant eating baby portions!!!... soo.. much food.. one life 2 eat!!!!! ;)..what do i do... what do i do.... dont worry chitra.. u're not alone in this struggle!!! sumday hopefully we'll get where we want!!!

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