Sunday, February 25, 2007

Valentine's Day

This year’s Valentine’s Day has been the best so far. Frankly I wasn’t expecting anything, but that day was a bolt from the blue!! Reghu actually got me flowers (surprise!). He then slowly took out the card that he had bought for me, not sure whether I would like it or not. But it was a beautiful one. Few words but very touchy..I was very moved by his gesture and was about to tell him that when he turned and held a box in front of him and asked me whether I liked this particular gift (surprise, surprise!). I was really stunned when I saw that he had got me the kinda watch I wanted since long!

It was very sweet, this gesture of his. His nature is not exactly like this but I know he did this only and only for me, for my happiness. All he wanted was to see the excitement on my face when I saw his gifts. And all I can think of is the thought that went into all this!! And that is exactly what makes me love him more everyday. Wow! Yes, this has been the best Valentine’s Day ever!

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