Thursday, April 24, 2008


She was cold and lost. She lay there, cuddled, in a cardboard box when I first saw her. She was small, a beautiful white in color and that’s how she got her name, Snowy. She was kept outside one of our hostel rooms. When enquired I was told that one of our hostel mates had found her wandering alone in the garden the previous day and because it was really cold outside she got little Snowy in. The news of Snowy’s arrival spread so fast that within minutes a crowd gathered around her. Everyone wanted to see the cute little kitten. She sat there, inside the box, looking at us with her big round eyes. She was a beauty! But when someone would come near to touch, she would move to a corner of the box and ‘meow’ them away. So, not wanting to frighten her further, we let her be. During the two days that she stayed with us, she was all what we would talk about. Every now and then someone would buy her things to eat and we were pleased to find that she was getting used to us. But then, we had to let her go. Snowy was a baby. She had to find her mother. And she would have to do it on her own. And so, after two memorable days spent with her, we let her out in the garden. But she just stood there looking at us in question, not knowing what to do. When she didn’t budge, we gave her a slight push towards the bushes, indicating that she should be going that way. And then suddenly as though she heard something, she jerked her head and dashed away towards the bushes. We believed that she returned to her folks and we ourselves, returned back to our rooms.
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