Monday, February 15, 2010

Delhi Delight

All know that Delhi is the capital of India. But it is also the capital of tongue tingling, tasty food that you will find nowhere. And trust me on that one. Delhi is home to the mouth watering chaats (fruit chat, in particular!) samosas, kachoris and a special array of sweets. But the ever-so-yummy “chole” takes the cake. You got to taste it, to believe it! Not that I have traveled a lot, but I have never, tasted such delicious chole in my entire life! Though almost all cities in India dish up so called “Delhi chaat”, they have never been able to accomplish that extraordinary flavor that Delhi provides.
And this time while I was in Delhi, I just simply had to visit THE place for chaats and chole bature- Roshan di Kulfi in Karol Bagh. What surprised me was that even after so many years, it continues to retain the exact same taste in its dishes. It’s a small place, specializing in chaats and kulfi (and hence the name) and usually crowded with its regulars. As you enter the eatery, the aroma of the dishes cooked right outside lures you almost hypnotically. And you are left wondering which dish to select and what to taste because each one of them look absolutely finger licking! But you have to consider the capacity of your stomach and the aftermath of hogging onto such food (many wouldn’t mind, I know!) and that’s exactly where the tragedy of this whole thing is. To even think of letting a few items go untested is devastating. The only solace here is that you can always come back and taste the rest of the stuff whenever you want to.
So now, whenever I’m in Delhi, I know that I can go to this one place where I get to taste the authentic Delhi flavor and satisfy my taste buds to the utmost delight each and every time. And I also know that I’ll never be wrong!

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