Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our new friend – Terrorism

Friend because ‘HE’ has become a part of our lives now. We all were leading a normal but a not-so-cheerful life with our daily grinding routine- stress at work, personal problems, corruption at every step, useless politics, ineffective government etc. and as if this wasn’t enough, one day, we meet him-Terrorism. Some of us greeted him face to face and some on a TV News channel. At first, he stunned us with his extent of destruction and the ability to casually wipe out innocent lives. But then as he made his presence felt all over the world, we began to accept him. He was always there, but we ignored him. And now, he is still there, even in our city but we continue to ignore him. The channels and newspapers would repeatedly telecast the same images over and over again, maybe for a week. We would watch open mouthed and pity the deceased and their loved ones. And then, back to our daily routine. The same personal problems, stress at work…. Our day-to-day life is far more realistic to cloud our thoughts over this five day news. It happens, everywhere, we say. But we are unknowingly waiting for him.

Now he walks with us, everywhere, and we, get used to him every day. Effortlessly.

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Lux said...

Nice post! Lovely blog background too!

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