Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dream On

There was this little girl who loved to dream. She would dream of everything possible because nothing was real in her life. She wondered if she could have that extra piece of her favorite chocolate cake but was terrified at what her mom would say. And so, she would dismiss the thought. She wondered if she could have that cute toy from the store for herself but would say nothing fearing the harsh remarks from her dad. She often wondered if she could sleep with her parents at night but would shun the idea because more than the fear of darkness and imaginary monsters, she feared her parents. She would be left sleeping alone.

So, she dreamt. At least that was possible. No one could control how she dreamt or what she dreamt of. It was her dream and she created a whole new world for herself. Her very own dream world. Where she could be anything she wanted to be, do anything she liked, eat anything she craved. It was magical! And soon she would be eagerly waiting for the time to go to bed, so that she can begin her journey to this wonderland and be happy. At least for the night.

Today, she is a much happier, confident and positive individual thanks to some really important people in her life who have managed to change her for the better. And now she doesn’t need to dream about chocolate streams and ice cream covered roof tops anymore. She can just buy and eat anything! Anytime she wants to! But old habits die hard, they say. Even today, occasionally, whenever she wants a break from her dreary and usual routine, she goes back to her fantasy land.

To see what else she can create. To see what else she can be.
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