Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Being Round

I'm back! To being a mother again, to being a sulking wife, to being the regular PMS-ing girl and (most irritating of all) being a roly poly overweight version of myself! Although I have been overweight since ages, for the past couple of years I was so engrossed with my pregnancy and baby care that I casually left those thoughts out. After all, I couldn't do much about my weight during the time. And now that I am at leisure to properly gauge myself in the mirror, it isn't a pretty sight, to say the least!

So here I am, thinking about diets and exercises and best ways to lose weight. We will be celebrating my younger son's first birthday in Trivandrum with my in-laws and I don't want to go back as the same old, bigger than ever, me! I could very well do without the mocking glances and sarcastic comments.

Therefore, I have decided to try my best ( and by best I don't mean jumping on the crash diet wagon because I know from experience how harrowing they can be!) by combining exercise and healthy eating and wait to see what follows. Fingers crossed!

"If thoughts had weight, I would be the slimmest person ever!"

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