Friday, September 13, 2013

Andha Kanoon

The verdict that all Indians have been waiting for is out. All the four accused in the Delhi gang rape case have been sentenced to death by a fast track court. The only good part about the entire episode is that all this was done within nine months of the horrendous crime. But is this good enough? Is it good enough for the victim's soul? Or for her parents? Will any punishment be painful enough for those animals-in-a-human-skin?

There was also a 17 year old among those men who ,allegedly, was the most violent of the lot. Due to his age, he gets to walk away from all this after spending three years in a correction home in the name of punishment. I'm sure he will have no regrets about his acts when he has finished his sentence.

And then what? Should we, the parents, the citizens of this vast and secular nation, wait? Wait for the day when such 'juveniles' commit more crimes and tortures so that the Indian law allows them to be tried in the court as a proper assaulter? Or wait till such people are convicted and meanwhile continue to snatch away our daughters/children?

India is rejoicing today. They say justice has prevailed. I'm sorry but I fail to see the 'justice' in all of this.

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