Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moto E on Flipkart - The Ordeal

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It was the 23rd of May when Moto E (the new, hot mobile phone in town) was back in stock on Flipkart with a limited number of units. Moto E had more features as compared to its rivals and as Flipkart quoted it was "priced for all". Indeed. It was being sold exclusively on Flipkart and after its grand initial response, the customers this time (which included me, of course!) weren't going to let the bargain get out of their hands easily. And so, at 11 am sharp on that day, I sat in front of my computer with my credit card at the side, ready to charge, fight and win the battle with my mouse! But that was not to be.

Sadly, destiny had other plans, not only for me but for each and every one of us trying to get their hands on the precious prize. A heavy traffic inflow, so huge that the transactions weren't proceeding at all. Usually, deals on Flipkart are a seamless affair, but it was different that day. After a couple of hours of jostling the online mob, Flipkart had to put up a message saying that it had an overwhelming response for Moto E and would be back. Sure, fine. But when?!? I sat back imagining the programmers back in Bangalore fervently trying to sort the technical issues, sweating out the ordeal. I came back again and again to check if the problem was solved but apparently they were still at it. Of course, I was dejected. You see, I had been without a proper phone for some time now. No Whatsapp too. It was driving me nuts! I wanted a new phone ASAP and had pinned all my hopes on Flipkart as I know it to deliver the fastest. Sigh! And so, I waited.

At around 5 pm when I was at the computer whiling away my time and cursing my luck, I decided to give a shot again. A shot in the dark. I sat there, fingers and toes crossed, breezing through each step of the transaction unbelievably. Luckily enough, I was finally able to make my purchase and come out of it all unscathed! Yes, I succeeded! Yaaay!!

I know its not a big deal, but that day, that moment, was one of triumph and achievement. Never had I imagined it to turn out as such a hassle but thanks to the Flipkart's technical team, all was sorted and disaster averted ( for me at least!)

Now, I check the site over and over again to track my order and wait, impatiently, for my beloved to arrive. And when it does, I will be over the moon (for a couple of days) and then begin the hunt all over again. To catch a new fish. To place my next order! ;-)


Palakkad Receipies said...

Excellent Chitra.

Unknown said...

:-) Njoy the new phone when it comes.

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