Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tu Mera Hero, Poirot!

The End is Near (Poirot Trailer)
David Suchet as Hercule Poirot
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All my life I have been reading and re-reading Agatha Christie's books. I absolutely love them. She has this ingenious capability to create some of the most flawless and complex plots and characters. But Hercule Poirot, the Belgian detective with his distinguishing egg shaped head and stiff mustache, is Christie's masterpiece.

Just yesterday I was watching a Poirot movie. The Mystery of the Blue Train. Although I always maintain that nothing can beat the experience of reading, I was curious. Seeing David Suchet portraying him just made me smile. Oh, what an excitement to watch the clever, hot chocolate loving neat freak on screen! He looked exactly the picture I had always imagined. And so immaculately represented! You know, we Indians tend to over react to everything. Take Bollywood. We need songs and dances to convince ourselves of the happiness, excitement or misery around us! In some places, fans build temples for their  beloved movie stars! Yes, that happens. So, on witnessing the saakshaat roop (a personified image) of my favourite detective on screen obviously made me delirious! I recorded the movie and watched it, again!

Seeing this movie has made me 'Poirot sick' now. I have tons of books in my to-read list but I think I need to take a break, breathe in some Poirot, and then resume unhurriedly. I'm sure to come out refreshed and energized for the next book.

"Order and method, Mon Ami", in Poirot's own words!

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Unknown said...

you should get the hercule poirot series. some 12 seasons. same cast as the movie. its brilliant :)

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