Saturday, October 4, 2014

While I was away...

I just looked at the date of my last post and Oh My God! Has it really been that long?!? Well, I've got my reasons but I missed my time here. Anyways, let me bring you up to speed.

I had my in-laws staying with me for 2 months and during the time they fell ill and my dear hubby and I had to run errands, cook, look after kiddies and blah blah blah. So, that's why the absence. And as Steve Martin says in Pink Panther 2, "You are now up to speed".

My little boy Karthik turned two on September 26th and we held a big party to celebrate it. The venue was Hotel Ramakrishna on MG Road. They have a beautiful and big place for parties. And by beautiful I mean beautiful because we didn't need to decorate it much, it was good as it was. But we put up some balloons and stuff anyway. The food was good, everybody loved it. Pure vegetarian, so a big thumbs up from my in-laws! :-) But other than the venue and food, the cake, apparently, attracted a lot of attention too! Here's a picture of the birthday cake.

Birthday Cake!

We usually see these kind of cakes (with fondant and all) in TLC programmes and wonder when will we get to gorge on them in our country? But by the looks of it, the art of bakery has evolved exceptionally and if we really attempt, we could unearth some precious little places that have awesome cakes in our own cities. This cake is from one such gem of a place called Arkie's, a bakery near my place. It is located in Lulla Nagar, Pune. I have been ordering from them since a couple of years now. They have a good variety and never-heard-of flavours too. So, if you are a puneite, please do check it out! They are on Facebook too.
Here's the link:

And before you start getting any ideas let me end by saying that this post is not for publicity reasons, I am a true fan of Arkie's! Bhalaai ka zamaana, still exists guys! ;-)

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Nice to see you back Chitra :-)

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