Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fragrant Memories

Fragrances have always been used as an instant pick-me-up and for various health benefits. Be it flowers, scented candles/essential oils that are so much in vogue these days or even baby powder; they all provide the relaxation and calmness that we so badly crave. This is my take on an unforgettable aromatic experience.

It was a long awaited holiday. My first amidst the majestic Himalayas. I, along with my husband and four year old son were travelling to Mussoorie via Delhi. We were enjoying every bit of sight seeing in and around Delhi but all I could think about was of the moment when I would lay my eyes on the snow covered peaks of the Himalayas. That would be the ultimate spectacle for me.

While the winding roads to Mussoorie from Dehradun left me nauseating, I tried concentrating on the scenery outside. Tall coniferous trees stretched out as far as the eyes could see as we went higher. We finally reached and checked into our hotel and later that evening went for a stroll. The next day we visited the Eco Park in Dhanaulti which is around 25 kms away from Mussoorie. The route was absolutely breathtaking. Pines and deodars scaling the mountains were a refreshing sight to sore eyes. On arrival at the park I noticed that the greater part of it was coniferous. It also boasted of a variety of herbal plants and numerous colorful flowers we had never seen before. It was an off season and we were the only ones roaming around and taking in the fresh, crisp air. It was pleasantly quiet, with only the chirping of the Himalayan birds to break the silence. As I wandered, I couldn't remember the last time I had been in such a quaint place, even observing the small dew drops on the grass blades. The tall pines and deodars filled the atmosphere with their natural fragrances. Standing in the park, I carelessly detached myself from the real world to experience the refreshing and stimulating cedar crispiness. The entire park was filled with this sweet smelling bouquet. While my son was busy collecting fallen pine cones and my husband taking photographs, I let myself relax. With my senses instantly calmed, I felt so light that I almost floated in this bed of fresh aroma! I had never ever experienced anything like that before. Ah, the fragrance of pure, untouched nature! My husband had been calling out to me for some time now to look at something but I was in a trance. Reluctantly, I followed his voice only to find the unhindered view of the beautiful snow covered Himalayan peaks! It was nirvana for me, right there!

It has been five years since that visit and whenever my thoughts wander to Mussoorie, I find the sweet waft of pine trees coming back to me instantly. Such was the effect of the aroma. Living in a city, we are privileged if we get to smell the roses (quite literally!) in our tiny little gardens. It is only when we break self-imposed barriers and venture out into our virgin forests and unexplored places that we come face to face with such purity. It is incredible!

Everyone should try going back to their roots from time to time. It gets us closer to what we actually are. Nature's children.

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******   Post written for the Inspire A Fragrance contest on Indiblogger  *******

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