Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Sparkle of Festivities

The onset of the festive season changes everything. Our drab routine life gets a midas touch and turns beautiful and exciting, albeit for a short period. And no, I'm not talking about the sale that is practically everywhere (although it is a reason to party, no less!). The city gears up for the celebrations with pandals out in every street, every corner. The deities get a makeover and so do our homes. Cleaning, clearing out the clutter, planning things from decor to sweets and snacks.....what a busy but lovely ritual it becomes for kids and old alike!

Here in Pune, celebrations begins with the Ganesh Utsav, followed by Navrathri and then Diwali. And that's not all, even Halloween is celebrated in the colony now. And then comes Christmas, all magical and surreal. Evenings during this period is a sight to behold with colorful lighting and decorations.

But it is not just about the glamour of it all . The real celebration can be seen when people come closer to each other not as a group of the same religion or caste but as humans. Muslims celebrating Diwali or sharing their meals with Hindus during Eid is what festivals are all about. The true meaning of festivities is realized when friends and strangers, rich and poor, gather to share each other's happiness, each other's lives. When one heartfelt wish from John on Navrathri makes your day or when Sita joins her friends for the midnight mass, that's when you are actually celebrating. No matter what the festival, if the people who love you are with you, you genuinely celebrate.

And when you do that, up above all our Gods celebrate the festival of humanity, rejoicing and relieved that their purpose behind the creation of mankind has been saved.

May the sparkle of this festive season be with you, always. Season's Greetings!

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