Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy 12th to Us!

You make me laugh, you make me cry,
You make me strong and coax me to the extra mile,
You support me, like no one I know,
You've watched me fail, you've watched me grow (literally!)

You taught me to be happy
in the truest of sense,
You taught me to be myself
and come out of my fence,
You showed me a new world where happiness was always possible,
You let me into your life to create memories, cherishable.

I cannot begin to describe my lucky chance,
These past twelve years have been a blissful trance,
You make sure that I have the very best,
For that I'm grateful, I'm eternally blessed.

But more than anything, I truly respect the fact
that you take me as I am, strengths and weakness intact,
This unconditional love you have for me
is beyond what I had imagined, so you see,

I won't thank you as it would mean farewell,
I admit, I enjoy your attention quite well!
My only wish is to be with you forever,
If I have you I'm happy, wherever!

This life and beyond, I promise you this,
You'll always have me, We'll always be together!

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