Friday, July 4, 2014

My Beautiful Food!

Food is life. Food is energy, as would most textbooks describe it. But more importantly, food is powerful. It can be soulful, life giving, energizing and, more often than not, nostalgic. For some, food is memory. It can bring back happiness filled moments or tears. It is sometimes a driving passion but otherwise it is merely a fuel, to survive. Whatever it means to each of us, it is an undeniable certainty in our lives.

My favourite dish is Vegetable Pulao with Aloo Mattar. Give this to me any time, any day, I would gladly devour every morsel irrespective of the place, time .... irrespective of anything actually. It was in a magazine that I saw my preferred dishes in such an alluring display that I was left salivating. Surprisingly, a mere picture has the ability to do that to you.

The vegetable pulao was absolutely perfect by the look of it. A colorful medley of vegetables scattered across a bed of long, fluffy and separated basmati rice with a hint of subtle flavours from the whole spices sauteed in ghee with a dash of milk soaked saffron. One could almost get a whiff and taste the richness of it. The aloo mattar was on a totally different dimension. Golden fried potatoes and bright green peas on a bed of thick, creamy, and slightly spiced curry, topped with sprigs of fresh coriander leaves. Usually the potatoes have this smokiness in every bite which could be relished from the picture itself. Delectable and heavenly! This is what I call scrumptious comfort food.

And what better way to serve them in the ever so stylish, Borosil glassware. Trend setting and practical, they are also sturdy whether you use them as cookware in the microwave or to serve your guests in style. It would, indeed, be picture perfect when I would whip up wonders in my kitchen with the help of the beautiful Borosil casseroles and dishes to compliment my cooking. But when such elegance and convenience is around, any simple dish would transform into a masterpiece, wouldn't it?

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Unknown said...

Food is indeed nostalgic Chitra. It brings back memories of my grandmother

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